Glyphosate Testing on Perfect BOVINE GELATIN

Here at Perfect Supplements we make it our mission to bring you the most nutrient dense, all natural superfood ingredients. While the nutrients that are in our supplements are of course very important, it is equally important what is NOT in our supplements.

Chemical pesticides like glyphosate clearly add no nutritional value to an ingredient and can potentially pose health risks. It is for this reason that we make our suppliers provide documentation that no herbicides or pesticides are used in the ingredients we purchase.

In response to a few questions about glyphosate in collagen, our suppliers once again confirmed that the cattle used in our gelatin are pastured-raised and no glyphosate is used.

Assurances of glyphosate free gelatin are helpful, but final product lab testing is even better!

Please find below the lab testing done on the Perfect BOVINE GELATIN that shows no glyphosate was detected.

This lab testing can pickup glyphosate in quantities as low as 4.5 parts per billion – and none was detected in our gelatin. Also important to note, we tested the finished product, the exact same Perfect Bovine Gelatin you can buy today, not just the raw material before processing.

Sample name Dilution Results in ppb
Gelatin 1:60 < 4.5 ppb
Limit of detection for glyphosate in gelatin: 4.5 ppd

Click Here to See The Full Lab Test Results.