4 Clinical Studies on Just Thrive Spore Probiotic & Antioxidant +
13 More Ongoing

1. Gastric Survivability Testing: 100% Survival through Stomach Acid
Conventional non-spore strains (lacto, bifido, streptococcus, etc.) have no natural shell protection and so are almost entirely killed by stomach acid. In third party, gastric survivability testing (scroll down for graph) however, Just Thrive strains have shown 100% survivability to the small intestines.

There are other spore probiotics just starting to follow the Just Thrive trail, however, Just Thrive contains strains licensed from the top spore bacillus researcher in the world, Dr. Simon Cutting out of the Royal Holloway in the UK, which produces some of the most resilient and effective bacillus strains available.

For example, we tested another (less expensive) spore probiotic competitor. The results were 43.8%, meaning two bottles of that competitor is still less than one bottle of Just Thrive in terms of delivering live bacteria to the intestines.

We believe our 100% survivability rate to be reflective of having arguably the best strains in the world that are also carefully and properly manufactured. When it comes to spore bacillus strains, test results demonstrate that you do get what you pay for.

2. Gut Model Study: Colonization with 30% Improvement in 2 Weeks
The proprietary Just Thrive strains have been shown in a third party, gut model study to not only successfully colonize the gut, but also to improve the microbial population profile up to 30% in about 2 weeks at 1 cap daily.
3. Leaky Gut Human Clinical Study: "Significant" Healing
The licensed, DNA-verified, gut commensal spore bacillus strains in Just Thrive:
  • "Significantly" (42%) reduced the endotoxin levels associated with Leaky Gut in the blood of all test subjects, as well as producing
  • Significant (24%) reductions in triglycerides,”
  • A dramatic reduction in circulating ghrelin” (the ‘hunger’ hormone) and
  • A better insulin response.”
  • (For more information, see Leaky Gut Study Summary by Kiran Krishnan, research microbiologist, at Oral spore-based probiotic supplementation)

    4. Diabetes Human Clinical Study: "Significant" Improvements
    Because the Leaky Gut study showed a "better insulin response," Just Thrive's second human clinical trial on Diabetes just completed as of June 2018.

    According to the Research Microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, the initial data for our Diabetes study shows "Significant reductions" in:
  • A1C levels,
  • Fasting glucose and
  • Post-prandial insulin response.
    More information coming as this study is written up, peer reviewed and published.

  • 5. Stay Tuned! 13 More Ongoing Clinical Trials on Just Thrive's Proprietary Strains

    Because Just Thrive prefers that its sales to be driven by research, Just Thrive is currently conducting multiple additional clinical trials examining the effects of their proprietary, licensed formulation on:

  • Autism,
  • Healing Glyphosate Damage in a 3yo's Gut Microbiome,
  • C. Diff. (Clostridium Difficile) and Antibiotic-Resistant Strains,
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis,
  • Weight loss and the reduction of Ghrelin, the "Hunger Hormone,"
  • Triglyceride reduction
  • Gingivitus,
  • Acne
  • Leaky Gut (a 90-day version of the initial study),
  • And more...