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Folks ask me all the time what supplements I use for my family and where I get them. On the whole, we aim to get our nutrients from real food rather than synthetic vitamins. That said, there are a few choice supplements that we do take on a daily basis, and others that come out in case our immune systems need a boost or we need a natural remedy for a specific ailment

At Perfect supplements you can get everything you need in one place, a trusted brand and the best price - without having to scour the internet.

The Basics:

Cheater options - When you can't get the nutrition you need from food, here are some great cheater options:

  • Food Based Prenatal Vitamins - Far superior to prescription vitamins.
  • Men's food based vitamins - For the men in your life who have not yet fallen in love with real food.
  • Desiccated Liver Capsules - If there's no way I'm going to talk you into eating liver, it's a good idea to supplement with these.
  • Gelatin - Ideally we consume bone broth, soups, stews, or sauce from pasture-raised animals every day. To fill in the gaps, we use Gelatin to make jello, or dissolve the Hydrolyzed Collagen in any liquid for a practically tasteless superfood boost.
  • Fermented Kale - Though it may seem quirky at first, I love this fun way to add a bit of savory greens and probiotic kick to your daily meals. Try sprinkling a bit on buttered popcorn for a nutritious treat.

When you need extra immune support:

  • Vitamin D - On the day-to-day it's best to get your D from sunshine, minimally processed cod liver oil, and other food sources, but when my family needs an immune boost, we use this.
  • Vitamin C - Not all vitamin C is created equally. We love this one created from vitamin C-rich fruits.
  • Liver Detox - For when you've overindulged or your body just needs a bit of help detoxing.
  • Elderberry - Great to help kids get fermented cod liver oil and other supplements down. We also use this syrup to fend off cold and flu.
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