Sunshine and Smiles All Winter Long (Bundle)

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Perfect For: Immune Support
While we can't guarantee that the sun will shine down on you for all of 2019, we can help you get the nutrients that the sun provides.
Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because it is produced when the sun hits our skin. The thing is, unless you happen to be a nudist living near the equator, you are probably not getting enough Vitamin D all year round.
As Vitamin D plays a key role in hundreds of reactions in our body, this package will get you the Vitamin D you need and most importantly, will get that Vitamin D absorbed!
Our Perfect Vitamin D3 Drops  is made with 5,000 IU per serving of the cholecalciferol form of vitamin D3, the most absorbable and effective form of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so you need some healthy fat in your diet to get Vitamin D absorbed. Enter Perfect Coconut Oil. Not only will this help with the Vitamin D absorption, Coconut Oil has a host of benefits and will help you achieve your health goals for 2019.
To make sure your immune system is totally crushing it in 2019, we are including the Just Thrive K2-7. Vitamin D and Vitamin K are like the dynamic duo! Vitamin D assures adequate levels of calcium are in your blood and the Just Thrive K2-7 makes sure that calcium accumulates in your bones and teeth, not your blood vessels.
You might want to invest in solar energy, with the Sunshine and Smiles package, you will be powering solar panels with your smile!

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