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Sassy Holistics - Gut Healing Essentials

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Sassy Holistics - Gut Healing Essentials

PERFECT Hydrolyzed Collagen - 660 grams, 60 Servings
Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen has over 10 grams of protein and no sugar, fat or carbs per serving. Collagen is essential for its many health benefits including the improvement of hair, skin, joint and bone health, digestive health, and overall functioning of the body. Perfect Collagen is 100% natural and sourced from Brazilian pasture raised cows. With it's low molecular weight it is easy to digest and can dissolve into any liquid (hot or cold) with little to no added taste or texture.

Gaia Herbs Sweetish Bitter Elixir - 4oz
This powerful elixir promotes healthy assimilation of nutrients and optimal digestion. The elixir also prevents and alleviates bloating, and helps break down hard to digest foods. The herbal blend contains Amalaki Indian Gooseberry, Anise Seed, Cardamom, Fennel, Gentian, Ginger Root, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, and Wild Yam.

Prescript-Assist Probiotic - 60 Capsules
Prescript-Assist combines 29 nutrient rich, soil-based, pH-resistant organisms with Leonardite prebiotic to increase the amount of beneficial gastrointestinal micro-flora found in the GI Tract. This supplement also corrects the damage that antibiotics cause, helping the GI track return to a healthy state. In other words, Prescript-Assist helps to re-establish the normal balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria in the intestine. Leonardite prebiotic, also a soil-based organism, enables the probiotic organisms to thrive and prosper in the intestines.

Bioray Liver Life - 2 oz Liquid
Liver Life contains all natural ingredients that support the body's own detoxification abilities and is the foundation to restoring and maintaining liver health and vitality. Bioray Liver Life naturally strengthens the liver's structure and function, improves the body's ability to filter toxins, drain acidic waste and decrease ammonia. Liver Life opens up detox pathways in the liver and supports kidney function.

Bioray Belly Mend - 2 oz Liquid
For over 25 years Bioray products have been used around the world as a trusted natural source of ingredients used to support healthy gut/brain connections, decrease leaky gut and stomach issues, and support speech development and histamine response.

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