Everyone is A Winner! Just for entering, you will get a $5 Gift Card.

Simply share a video of you doing the Matchinga™ on social media using the hashtag #DoTheMatchinga.

Grand Prize
$200 cash!

First Place
$100 Gift Card!
(2 winners)

Second Place
A bottle of Perfect Matchinga™
(3 winners)

It’s simple, if a bottle can grow legs and arms and do the Matchinga™, so can you.
Actually, I assume you already have the legs and arms, so you have it easy, you just need to learn the dance…

What is the Matchinga™?
Yes, it is the awesome combo of Matcha and Moringa, but it is also the hottest new dance move!

Listen to the catchy jingle!

4 Easy Steps to learn the dance

1. Stretch out your right arm while leaning right

Give it a good reach like you are grabbing for that hot cup of Matchinga™.

2. Stretch out your left arm while leaning left

Yes, your left arm this time. Just like you did with the right arm but go the other direction and put some rhythm into it.

3. Throw both arms up into the air twice

You can add a little jump to get those arms higher.

4. Push down with both hands twice

A knee bend will help you get into the flow.

Hey now, give the bottle a break. He's only, well um, NOT human!

All together now...

Steps 1 through 4 are easy to do and you can Ad-lib all you want.

Let's keep it going!

You can do it over and over again thanks to the energy from drinking Matchinga™! As you can see, it's quite easy and fun!

Turn Your Speakers On, Time to Bust A Move…

Here it is, The Matchinga™, With Music…

Now It's Your Turn

Perhaps you Matchinga™ Alone…

Or maybe you Matchinga™ together...

There is no wrong way to Matchinga™!

If you have been lucky enough to drink the Organic Perfect Matchinga™, you know it is basically impossible to not dance with joy!

Why Do The Matchinga™?

First off, it’s fun and catchy! Then there are the awesome prizes you can win:

Grand Prize
$200 cash!

First Place
$100 Gift Card!
(2 winners)

Second Place
A bottle of Perfect Matchinga™
(3 winners)

Finally, it has been medically proven* that it is impossible to be sad while doing the Matchinga™!

*Fine, not medically proven - but come on, how can you be sad when you are too busy laughing at yourself?

Do the Matchinga™ Now!

Get silly, Matchinga™ with your cat, Matchinga™ with your rat, Matchinga™ wearing a top hat…

Have fun and make sure to add #DoTheMatchinga when you share the video on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t do social? Not a problem, just click here to send us your video file.

Hurry, The Do The Matchinga™ Dance Contest ends on 3/27.

Click here for full contest rules.