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Body Unburdened - Beauty Blend No. 3 for Aging, Mature Skin - 1oz.

Our Price: $34.00

Beauty Blend No.3 is jam-packed with ingredients that improve skin’s tone and elasticity, plus provides a mega-dose of antioxidants to neutralize aging free radicals.

Featured Oils:

  • Pomegranate seed oil | Rich in the very rare omega-5 essential fatty acids and one of the only known sources of punicic acid, both powerful antioxidants
  • Argan oil | Especially high in the antioxidant vitamins A and E
  • Rosehip seed oil | Naturally rich in the antioxidant vitamin C, which has been shown to boost collagen production
  • Carefully selected essential oils | To fight aging inflammation, increase cell turnover, and even protect from UV damage (hello, carrot seed!)


argan oil*, rosehip seed oil*, avocado oil*, apricot kernel oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, pumpkin seed oil*, vitamin E**, carrot seed essential oil*, geranium essential oil*, frankincense essential oil*, ylang ylang essential oil*, lavender essential oil*, myrrh essential oil*, chamomile essential oil*, patchouli essential oil*, helichrysum essential oil*, neroli / orange blossom essential oil*, sandalwood essential oil*

*ORGANIC | **Naturally preserves the delicate oils

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