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Paleo stands for Paleolithic which is a prehistoric period of mankind. The Paleo diet is a healthy lifestyle that focuses on the consumption of un-processed, nutrient dense, natural foods from the basic food groups of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It may also be referred to as the cave-man diet, ancestral diet, or primal diet. The premises of a Paleo diet is that our human bodies have not yet adjusted to modern, processed, commercialized foods and that these foods are the root causes of poor health. Paleo diets differ from group to group and person to person, but most people who practice Paleo agree on these principles:


There are many supplements that can be used to fill in nutritional gaps when following a Paleo diet in our hectic modern world. Most experts agree that the most important and common supplements for the Paleo lifestyle include Probiotics, Omega 3s (Healthy Fats and Oils), Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Protein (from pasture raised, grass-fed sources).

People following the Paleo guidelines may experience various improvements in health and benefits such as reduction in body fat, increase in lean muscle, stabilization of blood glucose levels, healthy blood pressure, etc.

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Recommended Paleo Supplements

Below are some terrific, all natural, nutrient dense supplements that perfectly support the Paleo Diet.

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