20 Problems, 21 Quick Start Solutions for 2021

You are Vibrant. You are Adaptable. You can Achieve Your Health Goals.
You have control of your Health Journey!

This mantra is how I like to start my herbal consultations.
I believe it and my first goal is to get my clients to also believe it for themselves.

As an herbalist, I am often asked for ways to fix “problems” people are having, both for short and long term complaints with their health.
Often these problems are just bumps in the road to wellness and vibrancy.

I fully believe anyone can take positive steps to heal their body with a little guidance and help from herbal/whole food allies — I wanted to help you get 2021 off on the right foot. Let’s leave 2020 in the dust, and call in a fresh start and positive intention with this new year. You got this!

I give you 2021 with a little twist: 20 Problems, 21 Solutions. These are commonly asked questions I hear, and wanted to share my favorite solutions to help get the ball rolling for your own journey for your best health!

If you know eating nutrient dense whole foods is the smart move, but unclear on where to get started - you are in the exactly right place!

Don’t worry! If after reading through the list below, nothing seems like the Perfect fit for you - just reach out and let’s chat. Connecting with customers and coming up with the perfect plan for them is one of the favorite parts of my job!


Looking for more energy solutions to help you rebuild back up from an exhausting 2020? We’re here to help!
Here’s our hand-picked list of energy packed options to give you the extra momentum to soar in 2021.

  • Solution
    Perfect Matchinga - Whether its to get through sluggish mornings or mid-afternoon pick-me-ups, however no caffeine crashes here - and - it has a ton of antioxidants, iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and all the essential amino acids from both the moringa and matcha leaves combined.

    Eliminate coffee - Caffeine from coffee is often too peaky and leads to afternoon crashes after a morning jolt of energy.
I have decent energy in the morning - but by mid afternoon I crash:


  • Solution
    Perfect Rhodiola - A stellar adaptogen, that will boost energy noticeably for most people. Rhodiola rosea is able to stimulate the production of ATP in our cells, therefore rhodiola is able to pump up the fuel available to our body.

    Perfect Desiccated Liver - The natural equivalent to a “multi-vitamin” because it’s loaded with B vitamins, Vitamin D, folate and a ton of other micronutrients (zinc, copper) that otherwise are difficult to get daily. Plus, it comes in a form that the body easily recognizes since it is a whole food. No wonder its Tim Ferriss' favorite only natural energy supplement.
I have low energy throughout the entire day - what do you recommend?


Struggling to catch your zzz's?
Here are some helpful additions to your nighttime routine to get a better night's sleep.

  • Solution
    Bioray Get Sleepy - This product’s main component is Mimosa bark (Albizia julibrissin) which is often used to promote sleep as well as emotional and mental calmness. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine commonly as a treatment for insomnia.

    Other Herbs: Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) - Valerian root is a sedative and will help to induce sleep.
I have trouble falling asleep - what do you recommend?



  • Solution
    Perfect Magnesium - Magnesium daily will help with sleep and overall body system function (literally over 100 body functions!).
I can get to sleep, but wake up in the middle of the night.



Here’s to a calm, collected, and composed 2021!
Need a little help taming an active nervous system or a much needed break for your adrenals?
These are the best stress reducing and restorative options in one handy list.

  • Solution
    Perfect Rhodiola - Rhodiola helps ease daily stress and to manage anxiousness, as well as improve mood.
I just feel anxious all the time, what can I do?


  • Solution
    Gaia Adrenal Health - By supporting and optimizing adrenal gland function this adaptogenic blend of herbs provides nourishment to the adrenals, enabling the body to adapt to stress in a healthy way. Contains Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Rhodiola, Wild Oats, and Schisandra berry.
I have trouble relaxing - any ideas?


Here's my favorite products to help give your memory and mental clarity some special attention.

I’ve got a double solution for you on this one…

  • Solution
    Perfect Matchinga - Help to clear out the cobwebs with a nutrient dense cup of Matcha and Moringa blended together for focus and perkiness. This 50/50 blended powder is loaded with antioxidants, iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and all the essential amino acids.
  • Solution
    Perfect MCT - The body uses MCTs for energy, translating to reduced brain fog and increased mental clarity. Use in your coffee, smoothies, as a dressing, or cook with it for energy benefits plus inflammation reduction.

    (Pro Tip: combine with Perfect Matchinga for a “bulletproof matchinga” effect. Caffeine needs fats for better absorption. Combine this with a caffeine profile that doesn’t lead to afternoon crashes, and you’ll be in good shape.)
I tend to suffer from a lot of brain fog - any ideas?

#7 #8


  • Solution
    Dr. Mercola Fermented Ginseng - Not only does ginseng help with focus, but it helps enhance memory. Classic herb to boost energy, improve work performance, and mental sharpness and focus.

    Other Herbs: Bacopa - (also known as ‘Brahmi’ in Ayurveda) This herb enhances mental clarity, which daily use will lead to an improvement in all aspects of mental function, learning, retention, and problem-solving. Classically used to treat mental fatigue and to enhance focus during meditation.
Just feels like my memory is not what it used to be:



What’s the best way to keep your skin and hair healthy, everyday?
We asked ourselves the same question and put together this
must-have list of daily self care essentials for great skin, hair, and nails.

  • Solution
    Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen - Each bulb of hair on your head is surrounded by a sheath of collagen with tiny micro vessels that deliver nutrients. Having plenty of collagen is the key to keeping your hair nutrient rich and therefore thick, shiny and healthy.
My hair and nails aren’t growing the way they used - any ideas?


  • Solution
    Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm - Epic Glow - This face cream contains abundant natural fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and fat-soluble activators which nourish and heal the skin of all ages. Smells great, is incredibly moisturizing, and rejuvenates skin because of its high vitamin content.

    Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen - Collagen gives your skin strength and elasticity. 70% of the protein in your skin is collagen. Collagen can repair those skin fibers stop it from showing on your skin.
Could use some help with wrinkles and skin tone - any ideas?


For those suffering from digestive issues, bloating, and other GI disturbances,
some healthy options to get your flora back on track
and to address some specific issues, these were my favorite picks:

  • Solution
    Smidge Digestive Enzymes - These enzymes help ease common digestive symptoms from tough-to-digest foods, like cramping, bloating, gas, and occasional constipation.
I have digestive issues - what do you recommend?


  • Solution
    Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant - It contains 3 of the most viable and effective strains of probiotics and also includes an antioxidant-producing strain. This product has been shown to increase gut bacteria diversity by 30-50% in roughly 3 weeks time.
I would like to build back healthy gut flora, what should I take?



  • Solution
    Just Thrive Ultimate IgG - “Leaky gut” occurs when there is a loss of integrity of the intestinal lining, allowing toxins from bacteria, microorganisms, and undigested food to leave the digestive track and enter into bodily circulation. IgG binds bacteria before they can pass into the circulation and attracts other components of the immune system to destroy them. Individuals with intestinal problems, including inflammatory bowel disease, gluten sensitivity, and diverticulitis should take IgG regularly.
What would you recommend for Leaky Gut issues?



Some items to stock up on for our vegan friends, these are some essentials
to ensure you're getting vitamins, minerals, and some healthy protein.

  • Solution
    Perfect Aquatic Greens - An all-star with the amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and proteins packed in each capsule. Very high in iron and over 100% Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of B12 from a single serving.
I’m vegan and told I should get more B12 - what do you recommend?


  • Solution
    Perfect Plant Protein - This vegan protein powder offers reliable, dense protein, nutritional benefits such as Omega 3, 6, & 9s, magnesium, and works great for building and maintaining muscle.
I’m following a Keto diet and vegan, any good protein sources?


Whether its from arthritis or a snowboard injury, your joints will love you extra with a little support!

  • Solution
    Perfect Type II Collagen - For targeted joint health support, it would be hard to find a better ally. Its great if you have a specific injury to your cartilage, perhaps a knee injury, due to its high content of chondroitin, proteoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans (just to name a few).
I’m recovering from knee and joint issues. Anything to help my recovery?


Kiss those stuffy noses and sore throats good-bye with help from this hand-picked immune boosting list!

  • Solution
    Perfect Multi-Organs - Our multi-organ blend contains the most Fe in any PS brand product, most likely due to the liver and spleen content. Spleen has been shown to have higher heme iron content than that of muscle meats and 5x more heme iron than liver.
I have low iron levels and want to increase them with whole foods. Any ideas?


  • Solution
    Garden of Life - Vitamin Code - Raw Zinc - Boost up the deep reserves in your immune system with extra Zinc. Zinc has been shown to help optimize immune system function and to reduce duration of the common cold.

    Perfect Vitamin D3 Drops - Vitamin D3, which is manufactured in the body through sun exposure, is integral to immune system function. But if you do not get sufficient exposure to direct sunlight, then our Drops are a nice way to supplement, the size of the bottle is nice to take on the go as well.
How do I boost my immune system overall?


A fresh new year to start a fresh new you! Get your detoxification game on strong with this handy list!

  • Solution
    Perfect Liver Detox - A really excellent blend. Liver detox support with herbal allies Milk Thistle, Chlorella, Cilantro, and Schisandra berry for direct liver cleansing and heavy metal binding. Artichoke leaf helps to stimulate bile flow and flush the toxins that are drawn out, while turmeric acts as an overall inflammation reducer.
Where should I start if I want to start a detox routine?



  • Solution
    21 Day Detox Kit - A guided experience developed by a naturopath doctor. What you get is a science-based detoxification program developed through her years of research and experience with a step-by-step guide as to how to safely detox.
I don’t know what I’m doing. Is there help for me to detox right?



Those are just the quick tips to get you started and hopefully can answer some of your burning questions. If you still have some questions, feel free to reach out and ask! Good luck with your wellness journey and cheers to you for making your health a priority step by step!

Here's to a great 2021 for all of you!


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