Q: How do I take advantage of the buy more save more multi-bottle discount offer?

Our multi-bottle discount offer applies to 3 or more Perfect Supplements brand products only. You can find a complete listing of our products under the Perfect Products scroll down bar on the top of the page. You can mix and match these products and any other coupon codes can be used in conjunction with a multi-bottle discount. Other brands such as Green Pastures or Just Thrive do not qualify. For example:

  • 2 Perfect Collagen and 1 Desiccated Liver would qualify as 3 products.
  • 2 Perfect Collagen and 1 Green Pastures CLO would not.

If you have at least 3 Perfect brand products in your cart the discount will apply automatically to the total of your Perfect brand product only. The multi-bottle discount rates are as follows:

  • Buy 3 or More Perfect Products Save 20%
  • Buy 6 or More Perfect Products Save 25%

Q: How are you going to ship my order?

We do our best to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Shipping prices are calculated by the shopping cart. Just enter your city, state and zip and the shopping cart will calculate the exact shipping rate.

Free Shipping on all orders over $99:

We offer Free Shipping on all orders over $99 to destinations within the United States. Orders that qualify for free shipping are shipped by our choice of Ground or USPS, which we select based on package size, weight and destination.

Domestic Orders:

  • Standard Mail: 2-7 Business Days
  • Priority Mail: 2-3 Business Days
  • Express Mail: 1-2 Business Days
  • UPS Ground: 1-6 Business Days
  • UPS 2-Day Air: 2 Business Days

*UPS Orders placed before 3pm EST on M-F will ship out the same day.

Shipping Options:

Standard Mail: is Shipped via Ground, First Class or Priority mail depending on the size and weight of the order.
Priority & Express Mail: is Shipped via USPS Priority mail or USPS Express Mail as selected.
UPS Ground: is Shipped by UPS, please see map below for delivery estimated time: 1-6 Business Days


International Orders:

We Love Our International Customers, That's Why We Can't Ship To Them...
Since the pandemic hit we have had huge issues with international shipping. Packages that should have taken a week to arrive were taking up to a month or not arriving at all. We tried multiple shipping options, but ran into the same problems. This is NOT the customer experience we want you to have.

Because we love our international customers and don’t want to introduce more stress and aggravation into your life, we have had to suspend international shipping (we currently only ship to USA and Canada).

Tracking Information: Your tracking number will be sent when package is ready to be received by shipping company. The tracking number may not be active for 24-48 hours.

APO and FPO Addresses: Perfect Supplements ships to APO and FPO using United States Postal Service

Q: Expiration Dates?

The expiration date of any given product varies depending on the shipment. Generally speaking, expiration dates on most supplements range from 1 1/2 years to 3 years.

Q: Will you auto bill my credit card if I order?

You will NEVER be auto billed for ANYTHING.

If you decide to purchase our products, it is a one time purchase. We hope you will love our supplements and reorder in the future, but that is completely up to you! There is nothing to cancel when you order our products, no monthly memberships and no hidden charges.

(Auto-shipping is available to those who specifically request. Our auto-ship customers receive free United States shipping or 50% off International shipping)

Q: Do you have a free trial?

We do not have a “Free Trial” however, if you purchase any Perfect Supplements Brand product and are not completely satisfied, we will reimburse the purchase price minus the shipping cost. In other words, we offer a money back guarantee. We strive to keep our customers happy and healthy!

Q: Can the empty Supplement bottles be recycled?

Yes, most definitely! All our bottles are either #1 PETE or # 2 HDPE , so please recycle.

Q: How Do I Return A Product?

Sorry to hear that a product has not met your needs.  Please let us know if you would like advice or suggestions about how best to use the product.  If you would still like to return a product please
Perfect Supplements
PO Box 60070
Florence, MA 01062
Once received we will issue a refund for the amount paid for the product to the payment method used at the time of purchase.  Please let me know if you have any further questions, in the meantime we will be keeping an eye out for the return.

Q: Are Your Products Grass-Finished?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all the cattle we use in making our products live their entire life in a pasture and are grass-fed only. So, yes, we do get certifications that the cattle are grass fed throughout their entire life, but the one moment when some small amount of grain could possibly be fed to the cow is once they are transported to the slaughter facility. It is very possible they are never fed grain at the end, really depends how long transport takes from the field to the facility. I should also stress we do have certifications of non-GMO and hormone and pesticide free, so that is never an issue. 

Q: Production Facility and Allergens

Our products are manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. All equipment is thoroughly cleansed using a strict GMP regulated Allergen cleaning system with ATP swap testing in between all productions to ensure there is no cross contamination. Our products are made in a facility that uses NSF food grade QUAT cleanser between the runs, then NSF sanitizer after the cleaning and prior to manufacturing.  For organic runs, an organic cane alcohol for the sanitizer.


Q: What does Hydrolyzed Mean?

Collagen is a very long, heavy triple helix protein - made up of 1,050 amino acids

 If you just eat collagen, a large percentage will not get absorbed because it is too large and heavy.  Collagen is absorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream.  The very long molecular structure of Collagen makes it a challenge to get a high absorption rate.  Think of it this way,  imagine you had a long hose with tiny little needle holes and you pushed water through that hose. Sure, some water comes out of the holes, but most passes through the hose.  Same deal with Collagen passing through our intestines, some will get absorbed into the bloodstream, but a large amount will not be absorbed due to the large size of the collagen.

 While many different factors are involved, to give a ballpark figure - 50 to 60% of the Collagen protein can pass through our body and not be absorbed.

 The all natural solution to this problem is to bathe the collagen in enzymes.  This is the process we use to create our Hydrolyzed Collagen.

 Hydrolyzed simply means we use all natural enzymes to break the secondary and tertiary bonds in the collagen - creating Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides.

 The Hydrolyzed Collagen has the exact same amino acids as Collagen, it is just broken into smaller and lighter Collagen Peptides, that are more easily absorbed.

 In a way, you can think of Collagen as a large ball.  If you tried to fit that ball through a small circular hole it would be very hard.  Hydrolyzed Collagen takes that large ball and sort of lays it flat, making it much easier for the collagen to fit through the small holes.

 Regular Collagen can have a molecular weight of 100,000 Daltons, The Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen has a molecular weight of 5,000 Daltons. 

 It is the low molecular weight of Hydrolyzed Collagen and the short Collagen Peptides that allow the Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen to have a 90% Bio-Availabilty and getting easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

 In the end, Collagen and Hydrolyzed collagen are made of the exact same amino acids, it is just the Hydrolyzed Collagen is soaked in an all natural enzyme bath to make it much easier for the body to absorb and process.

Q: How much fresh liver is a serving of the Perfect Desiccated Liver capsules equal to?

During the liver drying process, 1 oz of liver dries to the equivalent of 7 grams of powder.  One serving (4 capsules a day) will equal roughly 3g of fresh grass-fed beef liver, or 21 g (3 oz fresh liver equivalent) a week. 


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