Just Thrive

While both working successfully in the pharmaceutical field, both Tina and Billy Anderson shared a passion of natural health and well-being. They found themselves living an increasingly natural and holistic lifestyle in order to stay healthy and prevent illnesses. With modern day and advanced studies on the importance of gut health becoming more prevalent, they discovered that an imbalance in the gut leads to the majority of diseases and illness and the best way to address these imbalances was with a good probiotic.

While searching for a probiotic to compliment their healthy lifestyle they quickly discovered that the majority of probiotics on the market were not actually natural or formulated to be beneficial. Working closely with a a world-renowned probiotic expert they sought out to find a probiotic that was nature’s “true probiotic” and found it in strains that are now used in many Just Thrive products.

Just Thrive meets our criteria as a natural supplement for optimal health because:

Just Thrive brand produces proven, potent and effective products to assist with maintaining a health gut for optical health and well being.