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Just Thrive

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Joot Just Calm is a revolutionary “psychobiotic” targeting stress, concentration, sleep, and mood. Features the proprietary BL 1714™ that drives healthy cortisol levels, cognition, and easy stress management.


Joot Just Calm proudly features the proprietary “psychobiotic” strain known as BL 1714™.

Psychobiotics are a new class of products with beneficial bacteria that can support your mood, cognition, and emotional health… 

And BL 1714™ is the most heavily researched and scientifically verified strain available. 

In fact, numerous studies have shown that BL 1714™ can be an absolute powerhouse in the fight for your mental well-being because it:

  • Quickly promotes a healthy response to everyday stress*
  • Encourages a steady, serene, and balanced mood*
  • Drives mental clarity, focus, and alertness*
  • Supports great energy and optimal sleep*
  • Encourages theta wave activity* (the brain wave linked to flow state, effortless focus, and great thinking).

Plus, Just Calm’s one of a kind formula pairs the power of BL 1714™ with the brain-nourishing strength of 3 targeted B vitamins.

A deficiency of B vitamins is linked to elevated cortisol levels and reduced levels of serotonin which can rapidly feed feelings of tension and difficulty concentrating.

However, studies show that supplementing with B6, B9 and B12 can:

  • Drive neural processes in the brain*
  • Help maintain brain gray matter – a structure important for healthy cognition*
  • Support optimal neurotransmitter function*
  • And promote a bright and healthy mood*

Imagine being able to turn down the noise and turn up the calm with one addition to your daily routine that takes just seconds to implement…

With Just Calm, you’ll have the unfair advantage of feeling cool, collected, and in control.