Perfectly Healthy Hair

Hair Loss: Good News and Bad News                    Let’s dive head first into the topic of hair loss, hair shedding, and unhealthy hair follicles… There are various types of hair loss or follicle issues that one may experience in their lifetim…
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Perfectly Pure Acerola Powder

As part of our  Perfectly Pure Certification, every single batch of finished Perfect Acerola powder, from this day forward, is independently 3rd party lab tested for Microbials. The specifications for our Perfect Acerola powder are: Your Lot # can be found on the bottom…
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Getting to Know Acerola Cherry

Maybe you’ve noticed a new kind of cherry showing up in your super food blends and vitamin aisles? Don’t be shy! She’s friendly, and as it turns out… is quite handy when you aren’t feeling so well.  Meet: Malpighia glabra, or‘Acerola Cherry’ for short. She’s also been known to go by…
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