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Are Gluten-Free Foods Really Gluten Free?

Scientists tested 5,624 different foods that were labeled as “gluten-free” from restaurant menus… And gluten was detected in a whopping 32% of the GF-labeled foods!

Even more startling, it was found in over 50% of the gluten-free pizza and pasta samples! 

That means that even if you think you’re eating completely gluten-free, there’s a good chance you’re not. Worse still, you have no way of distinguishing the imposters from the truly gluten-free.

An Eye-Opening Study And What It Means For You

Scientists from Johns Hopkins and several other prestigious universities banded together to do a clinical study which was published and peer reviewed in 2015. 

They exposed 3 groups of people to gluten – one group had no history of gluten sensitivity, one group had some sensitivities, and the 3rd group was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

You’d expect those with known gluten issues to have problems, but it turned out that EVERYONE in every single group developed negative reactions in their gut EVERY SINGLE TIME they were exposed... Even those with no known gluten sensitivities! 

That means that if you’re anything like the people in the study, it’s extremely possible that your gut wall is starting to let harmful toxins seep into your bloodstream... and you don’t even know it! 

A Remarkable Partnership

When Just Thrive decided to tackle the many issues caused by gluten, there was only one person on their partnership wishlist...

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, a functional medicine doctor and clinical nutritionist is internationally recognized as an expert in food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of autoimmune diseases. 

He’s considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and metabolic disorders, and is dedicated to making it easy to address health challenges you’ve spent your life ”learning to live with.” 

With his expertise, Just Thrive's team of microbiologists formulated a solution that could be an “insurance policy”, just in case you consumed gluten and didn’t know it. 

Gluten Away Is Proven To Address The Challenges of Accidental Gluten Exposure

Here’s what makes Gluten Away so effective:

Tolerase G™ 

This groundbreaking and mostly-unknown enzyme can make all the difference if you’ve accidentally eaten gluten. When taken appropriately, it becomes fully active IN YOUR STOMACH.

This is SUPER IMPORTANT because this enables your body to break down gluten proteins BEFORE they can enter the intestines and cause problems. (If gluten gets to the intestines, it’s already too late!)

Other gluten-aid products often leave up to 20-40% residual gluten in your body, but because Tolerase G™ gets activated in your stomach, it rips apart gluten proteins well before anything gets into the intestines.

Bacillus coagulans 

This spore-forming microbe strain is enough to pass through the digestive tract and arrive in the gut 100% alive in your gut where it can:

  • Reduce gas, bloating and abdominal pain after eating
  • Increase the absorption of nutrients to improve overall health and wellness
  • Support your intestinal barrier function to address leaky gut
  • Encourage a healthy inflammatory response in your gut
  • Enhance the diversity of probiotics in your gut microbiome, making it more robust

Bacillus subtilis HU58™ 

This super-powerful spore-based probiotic was once discovered in the gut of a bee that had been fossilized in amber for 25 million years.

Not only can it survive the harsh environment of your digestive tract, it helps fight the good fight against harmful bacteria in the gut which:

  • Supports optimal immune function
  • Helps the gut recover from the ravages of gluten
  • Balance the gut microbiome for an improved sense of health and wellness

Saccharomyces boulardii

This probiotic yeast provides powerful support for your digestive health. It’s been clinically proven to support optimal digestive function and address a wide range of GI issues.

Research shows S. boulardii can:

  • Support gut barrier function to address leaky gut
  • Encourage a healthy immune response
  • Increase enzyme activity in the gut to improve nutrient absorption
  • Regulate the levels of good bacteria in the gut for optimal digestion
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response in your gut
  • A difference can be felt in as little as 3 days!

Betaine HCI 

This crucial ingredient promotes the production of additional hydrochloric acid in the stomach to aid digestion. It also helps the gut absorb necessary nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, and iron.


Does NOT Contain: Wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, salt, sugar, artificial colors or flavors, binders, fillers, allergens, and GMO’s. 

How to Use:

Ages 8+. Take one capsule with food 2-3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.