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Emails and comments come in every single day asking me what kind of supplements I take or recommend. While it is my belief & practice that you cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet, I still think that supplements play a vital role in optimal health.

I used to direct people all over the place to where ever the best price was at the time. Sometimes I would have to send people to three different places just so they could save the most money on their orders!

Then I found Perfect Supplements --and they carried ALL of the goodies that I had been hunting for! So now I simply direct my readers here. So much easier! They were even kind enough to put together some awesome packages specific to my readers and sell them at a lower price than other online supplement retailers. So awesome! I put together a list of my personal favorites below, as well as the packages that they are offering up for things like gut healing, detoxification, and what to give to your kids!

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