Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) - 90 Fish Softgels from Norway


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Rosita™ Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)

Our polluted waters and the distaste for fish in general are keeping people from the extreme health benefits of fish oil, especially cod liver oil. Natural fish oil supplements are a great way to get the health benefits you need, and have been around for generations. By providing you with the purest form possible you can get all the healthy vitamins without the fear of pollutants or actually having to cook and eat fish. Rosita™ EVCLO is now available in capsule form.

The deep blue oceans and lakes surrounded by beautiful mountains in Northern Norway are some of the cleanest and purest ocean waters in the world. This is where the wild fresh fish used for (EVCLO) are sourced. The oil from the liver of these real Norwegian cod fish is extracted in the most beneficial and least refined ways possible to protect the environment and provide us with the highest quality product. EVCLO is rich in

  • Naturally Occurring Vitamin D3 (47 - 125 IU per 3 capsule serving)
  • Naturally Occurring Vitamin A (700 -955 IU per 3 capsule serving)
  • EPA (Approx. 143 mg/3 capsule serving)
  • DHA (Approx. 195 mg/3 capsule serving)

Benefits of Rosita™ Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)

  • Supports neurological health and brain development*
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties*
  • Supports reproductive system*
  • Beneficial for cardiovascular health*
  • Supports a healthy immune system health*
  • Beneficial for healthy bones, teeth and hair*

Why Rosita™'s Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

  • Raw
  • Sourced fresh from Norway
  • No Soy
  • Only Naturally Occurring Vitamins (none added)
  • Uses rare ancient extraction technique which uses nature to separate the oil from its liver
  • No chemicals, solvents and mechanical devices used during the extraction process
  • Oil is completely unrefined and produced under the total absence of heat
  • Thoroughly tested by leading universities and government-linked institutes
  • Uses minuscule amounts of organic wild rosemary and vitamin E from organic seeds to help protect and increase the shelf-life

The Rosita™ Method

Most cod liver oils on the market are heavily processed and filled with synthetic additives. Take a look at their simple method that yields the highest-quality, most nutrient-rich fish oil on the market.


Suggested Use: Serving Size - 3 capsules per day

  • Do not refrigerate
  • Store at room temperature (58°F - 78°F, 15°C - 25°C)
  • The oil must be kept in dark storage
  • Shelf life: 3 years from production date


A Message About Dosing from Rosita™

The dosing recommendation is different for EVCLO liquid and softgels.
A serving size of 3 softgels has:
Vitamin A: 365 mcg
Vitamin D: 3 mcg
And 9 softgels = 1 teaspoon of liquid EVCLO.
Therefore, 1 teaspoon of liquid EVCLO has:
Vitamin A: 1100mcg
Vitamin D: 9mcg
Why is the dosing recommendation different for the liquid and the softgels? A “standard”' recommended dose is required by law for all labels. At the same time, adults come in many sizes - and one size does not fit all! The dose for children of all ages and sizes will also vary.
Make no mistake, this is the exact same oil in both the capsules and the liquid. The difference is the dosing recommendations, which are based on the person. Here’s the short explanation:
Capsules: A standard dose of EVCLO capsules (3 softgels) can be suited to a person who is maintaining his or her health. As the capsules were created for convenience, they’re also great for people who don't like the taste of the fresh, raw cod liver oil (or the taste of rosemary) and for travel, as they don’t require refrigeration to stay fresh.
Liquid: On the other hand, a person who is working with a practitioner (and likely making changes to diet) and desires a larger dose is better suited for the liquid, which is appropriate for certain protocols that call for therapeutic doses. It is also more economical.
Now, here’s the longer answer, that includes our approach to dosing...
Unique needs: Everyone is unique and their needs are unique, too. As you may have guessed by now, we are not attached to standard dosing.
It’s okay to vary serving sizes: We have written one teaspoon of liquid EVCLO. This could be considered an adult serving size. But again, people come in all shapes and sizes! We also recommend a half teaspoon for adults and sensitive individuals. Some will start with just drops of the oil. It is okay to vary the serving sizes - you will still be absorbing the amazing vitamins and omegas!
No large doses: We also don't suggest the EVCLO be taken everyday in large doses for an extended period of time. Please never force large doses.
Working with a practitioner: If, however, you are trying to get your vitamin levels back up and are working with a practitioner on your diet, perhaps you start with the liquid EVCLO and take it in the larger dose (1 teaspoon daily) for two weeks and then on an as-needed basis. The point is, there is no need to sustain a high dose for an extended period of time, unless prescribed by your doctor.
The bottom line that we’re trying to teach our customers is to dose by how they feel. This I know is vastly different from what we've been taught by the pharmaceutical industry with all the standard dosing.
This may not be the answer you were expecting. But we think it's important for people to reclaim their power and tap back into their gut instinct rather than being told how much to take and when. Again, we are all unique. You can't go wrong varying when and how you take your EVCLO (as long as you do not exceed the dosing recommendations).
As a quick recap, the liquid EVCLO will be more economical per bottle if you want to take larger serving sizes. We recommend the liquid EVCLO for those focused on trying to get their vitamin levels back up when working with their practitioners. We recommend the softgels for maintenance and again, those who don't like the taste of fish or are traveling.