Money Back Guarantee

90 DAY

Love It Or Your Money Back!
Where Else Can You Get 'Risk Free Happiness'?



When you try a Perfect Supplements product there are only two possible outcomes…

1. You feel happy, can't stop smiling and rainbow unicorns keep hugging you.*

2. You try our nutrient dense natural products at no cost or risk.



When you use any Perfect Supplements Brand product
we want you to feel...

In short we want you to LOVE it!

So go ahead and use an entire bottle of any Perfect Supplements brand products. Take every last scoop, smile and swallow that last capsule.

If you are like 98.5% of our customers you will be happy, feeling great and wondering why it took you so long to try our products.

If you are among that 1.5% who don’t feel the love from our products - fret not, we have another way to make you happy - a refund.

Simply scroll down and keep reading to find your RMA number and to learn how to return a product. Returns will be accepted within 90 days of your purchase.



What If You Ordered Multiple Bottles?

First… THANK YOU! No problem if you need to do a return on a multi-bottle purchase. You would return the one empty bottle that you tried and the additional unopened bottles.

For example, if you bought 3 Bottles of Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen you can return one empty bottle and 2 unopened bottles and still get a full refund on all 3 bottles (only shipping is non-refundable).

We just ask that you only open one bottle while trying out the product.


What About Returns on The Other Brands We Sell?

Beyond our own Perfect Supplements brand products, we also carry a number of other brands that we love in the store. Unfortunately, on these other brands, we can only do returns on unopened bottles. Sorry, but as we didn’t make these products, we can’t set the rules on returns.

Warning! Cod Liver Oil Taste Like… Cod Liver Oil!
Some of the products we sell from other brands, such as the Cod Liver Oil, Skate Liver Oil and Butter Oil have a very strong taste, texture and aroma. While these products are nutritious and effective, they honestly do not have a great taste. As we can only do returns on unopened bottles from other brands, just wanted to make you aware of the taste issue before you open the bottle.

How Do I Return A Product?

Sorry to hear that a product has not met your needs. Please let us know if you would like advice or suggestions about how best to use the product. If you would like to return a product after reviewing the above, please:

  1. Include your Packing Slip or write the Order Number on a piece of paper so that whoever receives the package knows whom to refund
  2. Re-package the items securely and ship back to us by USPS:

Perfect Supplements
123 Main Street Box 60070
Florence, MA 01062

Once received we will issue a refund for the amount paid for the product to the payment method used at the time of purchase. There are no restocking fees, you are just responsible for paying the shipping cost to return the product back to us. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

* While we guarantee our products 100%, we can not guarantee that rainbow unicorns will hug you. Rainbow unicorns can be stubborn animals and sometimes they just stare at you and beg for collagen. I guess it keeps their unicorn horn smooth and magical.