Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate is an easy and enjoyable way for the whole family to get all the nutritional and health benefits of Perfect Bone Broth powder. Raw cacao and maple syrup are a surprisingly delicious combination with Perfect Bone Broth Powder. And it's so easy to make! Ingredients:2 cups…
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Mushrooms: Stranger than Fiction

From Exploding Zombie Ants to Life in Space to Eating Up Oil Spills Fungi Make Zombies in the Insect World It may sound like science fiction, but researchers have observed a real life instance of zombie activity: in this case, ants“zombified” by a fungus from the Cordyceps genus. …
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Perfectly Healthy Hair

Hair Loss: Good News and Bad News                    Let’s dive head first into the topic of hair loss, hair shedding, and unhealthy hair follicles… There are various types of hair loss or follicle issues that one may experience in their lifetim…
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