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What I Recommend

The owners of Perfect Supplements are great because I know them and trust them -- that means everything to me.

These people "get it" and only sell quality products. So while we normally try to source the best foods we can and get our nutrients that way, there are still times your body needs a good supplement, so I've listed a few below that we use at our house!

  • Liver is one superfood that I can't get my family to eat very often, so we take these desiccated liver capsules! It's just so loaded with nutrients that we don't want to miss out.
  • Need an immune system booster? Try this elderberry syrup.
  • Many need to take probiotics daily to stay healthy, others take them a few times a week or when they feel themselves coming down with something. Prescript Assist is a Soil Based Organisms (SBO) probiotic / prebiotic with 29 proven symbiotic strains.
  • Food Based Vitamins - Far better for you and safer than store-bought or prescription vitamins. Find prenatal vitamins, men's vitamins (for your man who isn't quite into real food), and more options, too!
  • Colloidal Silver is the first thing I reach for if one of the kids has an earache, it nips it every time!
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