Why do we need supplements? Due to factors like heavily processed foods, toxins in our environments, stress, depleted soil (etc.), nutritional supplements can be very important to advance our health. While I don't believe you can out exercise or supplement a bad diet, I do believe they fill in nutritional deficiencies while also helping the body to pull out the toxins and chemicals that hinder our most vibrant health.

I get emails daily asking for supplement recommendations. I used to tirelessly direct people to several places for top quality product until I found Perfect Supplements. They carry ALL of the goodies that I had been hunting for! So now I simply direct my readers here. They were even kind enough to put together some awesome packages specific to my readers and sell them at a lower price than other online supplement retailers. So awesome! I put together a list of my personal favorites below, as well as the packages that they are offering up for things like gut healing, detoxification, and what to give to your kids!

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