GHC VeganZyme - 100% Vegan Systemic & Digestive Enzymes Blend - 120 Capsules

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GHC VeganZyme

VeganZyme is a highly advanced systemic and digestive enzyme blend. This blend contains a broad spectrum of kosher-certified vegetarian enzymes that help to digest all food sources. VeganZyme is also used as a systemic enzyme blend to break down excess mucus, fibrin, various toxins, allergens, and excess clotting factors.

The Health Benefits of VeganZyme:

  • May support healthy joint function and a healthy inflammatory response
  • Provides systemic support for wound healing
  • May help to reduce bloating, gas or indigestion
  • Aids nutrient absorption
  • Supports healthy blood pressure by helping to maintain normal blood viscosity
  • Assists in the removal Candida and other types of yeast and fungus in the digestive tract, potentially increasing the effectiveness of other supplements used to combat overgrowth
  • May help to thin mucus in lungs and sinus passages
  • Supports peristalsis (intestinal contractions) by reducing viscosity of the fibers in some plant-based food
  • Increases mineral availability by breaking down phytic acid from plants, grains and seeds
  • Help reduce harmful by-products of normal metabolic processes

VeganZyme is perfect for everyone because it contains only enzymes from non animal sources making it 100% vegan. This blend is also gluten-free, non-GMO and made in the USA without any animal testing.

GHC's Veganzyme contains 120 Capsules per bottle and is suggested to take 2 capsules per serving. This replaces the 180 Capsules per bottle with 3 Capsules per serving. Both bottle sizes have a total of 60 servings per bottle.

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