Global Healing Quercetin, Plant-Based Immune Health - 60 Capsules

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Global Healing Plant-Based Quercetin

Potent Antioxidant to Support Immunity & Normal Allergen Response

Quercetin, a remarkable antioxidant, is designed with highly bioavailable ingredients to support your body's normal response to allergens, inflammation, and histamines. Utilizing phytosome technology for enhanced absorption, this advanced formula effectively delivers the natural immune and allergen support your body requires. Experience an immune system boost, relief from allergy symptoms, and protection for your respiratory health with this potent, naturally-occurring antioxidant.


What Is Plant-Based Quercetin?


Health Benefits of Plant-Based Quercetin

Quercetin provides a variety of benefits across immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular support, as well as allergen regulation.

- Boost Your Immune System - Strengthen and boost your body’s defense system against harmful organisms to stay healthy all year long.

- Ease Allergy Symptoms - Quercetin supports a normal response to inflammation, as well as regulates allergen response and histamines.

- Protect Respiratory Health - This unique Quercetin compound contains plant flavonoids to help ward off damaging free radicals and support a normal respiratory response. 


Take With or Without Food - Global Healing’s Plant-Based Quercetin is gentle on the stomach and can be taken with or without food, depending on your digestive preference.

Supplement With Zinc - Quercetin is a polyphenol-flavonoid known to increase the cellular absorption of zinc — an essential mineral for your body. The powerful combination of Organic, Plant-Based Zinc plus Quercetin is highly recommended for boosting the immune system.