GHC Livatrex - Liver Cleanse Spagyrex Formula - 2 fl oz

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Livatrex is a Blend of Powerful Organic Herbs which Support Detoxification and Promote Healthy Function of the Liver and Gallbladder

Livatrex is created with TincTract

  • Safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable herb growth and harvesting
  • Ensures purity and efficacy

Livatrex includes microBURST! (mB!) Liquid Trace Minerals

  • Delivers maximum absorption
  • Enhances value and effectiveness
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Supports Detoxification of the Liver
  • Helps the Liver Break Down Fat
  • Boosts Energy and Vitality
  • Improves Memory and Mental Clarity
  • Helps Control Food Cravings
  • Prevents Liver and Gallbladder Stones
  • Promotes Healthy Skin

Instructions for Using Livatrex

Livatrex Cleansing Instructions: Pour entire contents into one gallon of organic apple juice or purified water. Drink one 8-ounce glass 4 times a day (between meals) for 4 days.

Livatrex Maintenance: Take 1 ml in the morning and again in the evening, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Ingredients used in Livatrex

Wildcrafted Borotutu Bark (Grown under Organic Conditions)

The Borotutu Tree contains many benefits in its bark, making it a superb addition to the Livatrex formula. It has been used by ancient herbal healers as a liver and gallbladder tonic as well as an overall digestive system balancer.

Organic Chicory Root

Cultivated from the Nile River for thousands of years, Organic Chicory Root has a long and well-documented history of assisting people with liver problems. In fact, documentation exists that ancient Romans used this herb to help cleanse the blood. Similarly, ancient Egyptians were known to consume Chicory Root in large amounts to aid in purifying the liver and the blood. Especially during periods of scarcity for traditional coffee beans, roasted Chicory Roots have often served as a natural caffeine-free alternative.

Organic Yellow Dock Root

Yellow Dock Root is regarded as a blood purifier and is used primarily to cleanse toxins from the body.

Organic Dandelion Root

Dandelion is a perennial herb native to North America and Europe. You may consider dandelion a type of weed, but their roots have been used for many years to aid the body's natural purification processes, which helps support optimal liver function. For people suffering from excess water in the liver due to other health concerns, Organic Dandelion Root can also help to remove the water and improve normal liver function.

Organic Greater Celandine

Greater Celandine is often used to assist with liver and gallbladder cleansing programs for various reasons directly and indirectly associated with these organs. In addition, Organic Greater Celandine is also frequently used to help minimize the accumulation of foreign particles in the liver.

Organic Milk Thistle Seed

A number of studies suggest Milk Thistle Seed supports optimal liver function. For example, Organic Milk Thistle Seed can promote the liver's natural ability to regenerate new tissue as wear occurs. Milk Thistle Seed even shows promise in stimulating the liver's ability to produce bile for improved digestive function.

Organic Peppermint Leaf

Organic Peppermint Leaf helps promote the natural flow of bile from your liver to your gallbladder. The oil found in Peppermint (a hybrid of watermint and spearmint) also aids with the overall digestive process. As such, Organic Peppermint Leaf can help keep your liver in optimal working order and allows for it to function more effectively.

Wildcrafted Chanca Piedra

With the recent "discovery" of this well-known Amazon rainforest plant, healthcare practitioners have acquired a powerful natural ally in helping to maintain optimal bladder, kidney, gallbladder, and liver health. Chanca Piedra is traditionally thought to promote the liver's normal detoxification efforts for purging harmful substances.

Organic Turmeric

Offering strong antioxidant effects, Organic Turmeric helps remove toxins from the body. As a result of this antioxidant effect, your liver does not have to work as hard to filter blood and keep your body healthy.

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