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Nature has its own “secret recipes” that combine nutrients in an optimal way, and there is so much innate wisdom in these "formulas" that can’t be replicated by the isolated nutrients found in many supplements.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite brands, Perfect Supplements. Their whole-food based approach keeps synergistic compounds intact, making it possible for me to cover nutritional bases that might otherwise be missed. Their
grass-fed collagen is a staple in my morning coffee or tea, and their liver capsules are a daily essential for keeping my energy levels up, supporting immune function, and more.

Also, I love their commitment to purity and transparency. They don’t just ask you to trust them when they say their gelatin and collagen is free of glyphosate residue – they post the lab results on their product listings. Below is a list of products I use and love.

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What Should You Buy?

You can’t go wrong with anything Perfect Supplements makes. They’re committed to offering the most nutrient-dense, ethically produced supplements at the best possible price, and they seriously deliver. I love and use their Perfect Desiccated Liver capsules every day, because as much as I wish I had, I haven’t mastered the art of working enough liver (a true superfood) into my family’s meals. I also rely on their Perfect Rhodiola Rosea for stress support, energy, and mental clarity.

Perfect Supplements also carries some of my favorite tried-and-true products from other brands, too. Below is a collection of favorites I hand selected for you

More options below and make sure to use the Coupon Code - MOMMYPOTAMUS10 - to save an additional 10% off your entire order.

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