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Limitless Baobab - 100% Organic Baobab Fruit - 360g Powder

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The Baobab tree is known throughout Africa as "The Tree of Life". It is the only known tree whose fruits dehydrate naturally on the branches. Baobab trees can often live to be 500-1,500 years old. The fruits of the Baobab tree have been praised for centuries due to their high nutritional content. In fact, Baobab fruit seeds have even been found within the Egyptian pyramids!

Baobab fruit is not pasteurized, heat extracted, freeze dried, extracted, or concentrated, which allows all of the precious nutrients to stay perfectly intact.

The Benefits of Baobab

  • Rich with Antioxidants, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, and Soluble Fiber
  • Exotic Citrus Flavor
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System
  • More Antioxidants than Goji or Pomegranate
  • Over 1400 ORAC Units in 1g
  • 50% Fiber
  • Vegetarian Source of Calcium
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Helps Lower Inflammation
  • Balances PH in the Intestinal Tract
  • Prebiotic Effect of Builds More Good Bacteria in the Intestines
  • High Mineral Content Replenishes the Body After Exercise

The Ethical and Sustainable Superfood

Baobab fruit powder, and other Baobab products, makes a difference in the lives of rural families in Southern Africa. The cash income from harvesting the Baobab pays for healthcare and education while sales of fruit provide income for local community projects. By placing a value on Baobab fruit, we encourage communities to protect their wildlife and biodiversity.

Limitless Good Baobab is also lab tested to be ensure that the final product used is free from heavy metal contamination.



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Potential Side Effects

Because Baobab is a fruit, side effects are rare and mild. Baobab may cause digestive issues, but this is generally a reaction to the amount of fiber in the fruit. If you are sensitive to fiber, limit your intake of Baobab.

Suggested Dosage

If mixing into juice or water, 6 grams of Baobab will add citrus-like burst of nutrients. When adding to smoothies and other recipes, 12 grams is recommended.


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