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"I have been searching for products I can trust and supplements since 2005 and I’m honored to support this company who walks the walk with their values."

"I recently discovered an online source called Perfect Supplements that seems to have been created just for me. Not only is their shop stocked with all of my essential supplements at the best possible prices, but everything they carry has been chosen with care and integrity."

"Purchase your supplements from a company that cares, has high standards of excellence, doesn’t use cheap fillers and uses organic, non-GMO ingredients."


Like A Face Lift!

"This is the best collagen!!! This has made a huge difference in my skin, like a face lift!! My nail are growing like never before!! And I'm sure my bones are stronger!!! Buy it you'll love what you see!"

- Judith R, as posted on Facebook

Sucks Getting Old

"I freaking love the Perfect Supplements collagen as is has done wonders for my bursitis (sucks getting old)!"

- Lori D, as posted on Facebook

Amazing Follow-up

"This is amazing! I'm floored that you followed up on this for me! Thank you so much. I placed my order after talking to you, and now will safe dosing it to my son. Thank you!!!!!"

- Michelle, email message to Customer Service

Open, Honest, Friendly

"Excellent products and such an open, honest, friendly feel at their website. Thank you! "

- Bill, posted on Instagram

I No Longer Feel Pain In My Ankle

"From a young age I experienced re-occurring breaks and sprains of my ankle as well as some other serious injuries that caused joint tension and pain. I had taken other Collagen supplements that seemed to help minimally but after switching to taking Perfect Supplements Collagen for just about a year I overall feel so much better. I have regained fluid motion of my body and no longer feel any pain in my ankle."

- T. R., Happy Customer

"This is now my favorite brand!"
Leda Lum, Founder of Leda Lum Apotheca, Actress and Producer

A full review of Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen
Cheryl Turner, Free Range Diva



Awesome, So Helpful!

"Kimberly was AWESOME! SOOO helpful & great to work with. Thank you Kimberly!"

- Doris

Tired of Cooking Liver

"I really like it!! I have anemia problems and get tired of cooking liver. So this is a really good change for me!!! Thank you so very much!!! "

- Lois C, Happy Customer

Doctor Recommended

"My daughter wanted nothing to do with the cooked liver idea her doctor recommended. So I ordered Perfect Desiccated Liver capsules and added them to her daily supplements (without telling her what it was). She happily swallowed them, with the comment, “Oh, these taste like chocolate! Success!"

- Sarah B, Happy Mom

Super Clean, Super Nutrient

"This is a super clean, super nutrient dense source of all sorts of goodness. I'm not going to lie, eating liver is by far NOT one of my favorite things to do. I'll tolerate chicken livers on occasion, but sadly, I am not one of those people who can sit down and eat a big plate of liver and onions. So, the Perfect Desiccated Liver is what I use for myself and my hubby to get some of those extra nutrients into our diet."

- Jessica Espinoza, Real Food Wellness Educator, Founder of Delicious Obsessions

"The Best Brand Out There!"
Rebekah from The Justin Rhodes Show (174 Million views, 742K Subscribers)

Desiccated Liver chosen for Biohacker Box
Dave Asprey, NYT Best-Selling Author and Founder of Bulletproof Diet and Bulletproof Coffee. 

"More energy and anti-aging!"
Leda Lum, Founder of Leda Lum Apotheca, Actress and Producer



Great Customer Service!

"Thank you for implementing the solution so quickly! Great customer service!!"

- Cynthia M.

I Am Truly Grateful

"Thanks again for your help. You guys are just simply the “BEST!” I have requested a modification twice and you have obliged and for that I am truly grateful and has earned my future business! I will have no problem with sharing this shopping experience with friends and family! Thanks again for your Excellent Customer Service! Enjoy the rest of your day now that you got me off your plate!"

- Angela B., Happy Customer

This Product Is Really Awesome!

"I just started using your Perfect Plant Protein and I love it. I have been trying different protein powders and have been having a hard time finding ones without soy or whey. I found another one with hemp and brown rice that is okay. However, yours is awesome, with the pumpkin seed, hemp seed, and unique sacha inchi. Love it! This product is really awesome!!"

- Christine Z, Happy Customer

Best Plant Protein Ever!

"This plant protein exceeded my expectations! It has a lovely flavour, tastes very natural and is quite smooth. I mixed mine with banana, honey, almond milk, cinnamon and ice. Delicious! Thank you Perfect Supplements. It's a winner 🏆 "

- Tam

Plant Powered Nutrition... Nothing Nasty!

"Love this slightly nutty flavor & pure ingredients! The flexibility to "flavor" at your discretion is awesome... I love the I get to flavor my smoothies differently every day!"

- Heather P.

Perfect Plant Protein and Spirulina Muffins

Raquelle Loves to Shake with It

People Power Up with Perfect Plant Protein



Whooping Up On My Buddies!

"I take 2 in the morning for a week and then lay off for about 4 days or so and feel wonderful. I'm clear in the head, less anxiety, and actually feel more stamina levels playing basketball and whooping up on my buddies. I will be a Rhodiola dude for life."

- Dan Smith, Happy Dude

My Favorite Brand

"Check out my favorite brand of Rhodiola, the one that I use everyday, I love it, I can not say enough good things about it, it’s really really been helpful in getting my body back on track."

- Alexandra Jamieson

Great Product!

"Since my husband and I started taking your Rhodeola Rosea I know for a fact that my memory has improved a lot! I'm planning to continue taking it.. Very grateful I found your company. Thank you!"

- Viona R., Happy Customer

Increases Energy, Improves Mood

"Rhodiola Rosea from Perfect Supplements is a perfect addition to a healthy diet that increases energy, improves mood, and reduces stress. It is also noted to enhance memory and mental performance."

- Josh Trent, Wellness Force Radio

We Are Believers!

"Literally from the first day I used the product I could tell a difference. I have been on several months now and definitely will continue to use! Also my son just started using and he is already feeling a difference in mood, energy, and brain fog! We are believers!"

- Tracy T.



Gorgeous Hair and Skin

"I've been using this coconut oil. I can tell the difference, it's only been 2 and a half weeks. My hair and skin are gorgeous."

- Bertha Wood, Happy Customer

Great Health Benefits

"Love this product because it is organic, cold pressed so your getting it at its purest state, reasonably priced and great health benefits. I really like these, I can not stand eating coconut oil or the strong flavor it lends when cooking with it so these are perfect for me. I'd say the biggest thing I notice is my face is not as acne prone as it usually is."

- Jon Snow, Happy Customer



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