Bioray Kids NDF Calm - 4 oz (Vanilla Cream)


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Bioray Kids NDF Calm-Mood and Brain Boosting Herbal Drops are alcohol, Gluten, Dairy, and Soy free, and is an all-natural formula specially designed for kids for daily detoxification and organ support. The unique manufacturing process creates beneficial bacteria, naturally removes harmful heavy metals and chemicals while bringing the essential elements to your little ones. NDF Calm herbal drops bind to and remove toxins and includes ingredients that nourish the liver to help kids keep calm and carry on.

The Health Benefits and Highlights

  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Promotes healthy moods and restful sleep
  • Helps kids deal with stress
  • Supports detox pathways in the liver
  • Antioxidant for the liver
  • Replenishes adrenal reserves
  • Has trace minerals, vitamins, RNA/DNA
  • Safely removes heavy metals and chemicals
  • Alcohol, Gluten, Dairy, and Soy free
  • Non-GMO

Suggested Use and Instruction

  • Shake well before use. Dilute in water or juice or put in your child's favorite food
  • Not intended for children under 12 months of age. Use only as directed on the label. Consult with your child's health practitioner before taking this or any dietary supplement
  • 50 lbs or less:Use one (1) dropper serving per day
  • 51 lbs or more:Use two (2) droppers servings per day


Agaricus Mycilila, Reishi Mushroom, Micronized Yaeyama Chlorella (NDF®), Red Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Olive Leaf, Coriolus Mycillia, Aromatic Solomon's Seal Root, Eleuthero Root, Polygonatum Root, Licorice Root, Maitake Mushroom, Schizandra Berry and Stevia Leaf. Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water and Natural Flavors (Vanilla).