Bioray Kids NDF Pooper - 2 oz (Mango)


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Moistens and lubricates the intestines, gently purges accumulation, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.*


  • Helps kids poop with ease*
  • Promotes relaxation*
  • Alleviates bowel-related stomach discomfort*


  • Moistens and lubricates the intestines*
  • Gently purges accumulation*
  • Supports intestinal integrity*
  • Has naturally occurring trace minerals, vitamins, and chlorella growth factor*
  • Safely removes heavy metals and chemicals*

NDF Pooper® Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: Linum, Rhubarb Root, White Peony, Bitter Orange, Magnolia Bark, Apricot Seed, American Ginseng Root, Lycium Fruit, CytoFlora® Probiotic Lysates, Micronized Chlorella (NDF®).

Other Ingredients: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Deionized Water, Natural Mango Flavor.

Our probiotic lysates are hypoallergenic, in a dairy-free rice blend.

Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.

Naturopathically formulated with wildcrafted and organic herbs and selectively imported botanicals for potency and goodness.

NDF® stands for Natural Detox Factors. BIORAY's proprietary micronization of chlorella yields NDF®, which binds to heavy metals and chemicals safely removing them from the body.*

LINUM is traditionally known to moisten and lubricate the intestines according to Traditional Chinese herbalism.*

RHUBARB & BITTER ORANGE gently moves waste downward.*

WHITE PEONY is traditionally known to nourish the blood and alleviate abdominal discomfort.*

AMERICAN GINSENG ROOT is traditionally known to reduce stress and promote relaxation.*

Alcohol Free • Non-GMO • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Non-Dairy • Vegetarian • Nut Free