MegaFood Zinc - 60 ct


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MegaFood products are 100% Whole Food, Organic, Farm Fresh ingredients. The ingredients are slowly and naturally processed into high quality supplements that deliver 100% nutrients and antioxidants as nature intended. Zinc is a mineral that's crucial to your health and plays a part in many vital bodily functions. Zinc can

  • Support healthy tissue development
  • Support wound recovery
  • Boost immune function

Zinc from MegaFood is free of harmful herbicides and pesticides and is made entirely of non-GMO ingredients. It's certified gluten-free and vegan, & kosher.

Megafood delivers Zinc through wholesome nutritional yeast (S. cerevisiae) and nourishing whole food blend. See Supplements Facts for full list of ingredients.

Suggested Use: take one tablet daily any time of the day with or without food.