Taste Is Subjective, Quality Is Not

You’ve done your research and you are one smart cookie. Our Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen hits all the marks for you – Grass-Fed, Pure, High Bio-Availability, Glyphosate Residue Free Certified, Heavy Metal Tested and Perfectly Pure Certified.

Now that you have the Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen, you might notice a slight smell and/or taste to it. Is this normal? What does it mean? Why is the taste of this bottle different than the bottle you purchased last year? What should you mix in?

All awesome questions, so let’s pull back the curtain a little and provide some insight, tips and answers.

Purity and Quality, In Every Single Batch.

Our goal is simple, to consistently deliver a hydrolyzed collagen that is pure and the highest quality on the market. Simply put, the purest and highest quality collagen will have the most bioavailability and allow your body to take full advantage of the collagen.

You have trusted us to provide you with a pure, high quality collagen supplement and that means the world to us. Just take a look at our Lab Test tab and you can see the extensive testing we do on our collagen.

The entire process we go through to make the hydrolyzed collagen is prioritized to ensure that every single batch of collagen is pure, bioavailable and ready for your body to use and love!

Taste, Smell, and the Dalton Dance
While purity and quality are our top two priorities, we also want to provide a collagen that has as little taste and smell as possible.

In an ideal world, the equation would look something like this…

Purity (100%) + Quality (100%) + Taste (0%) + Smell (0%) = The Perfect Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen

Purity and Quality are locked in – we will never compromise on those.  We would love to keep taste and smell at 0%, but the Dalton Dance can cause a problem…

Wait, What is the Dalton Dance?

Daltons are a unit of measure that are used to give the molecular weight of collagen.

Wait! Don't hit the X on the browser tab — we promise to keep the chemistry to a minimum and this does tie into taste...

The Dalton Dance

The gelatin you get when you make bone broth, that may have a molecular weight of around 30,000 Daltons. The molecular weight of our Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is around 4,000 – 5,000 daltons.

Here are the two important things to know about Daltons and Collagen –

  1. The lower the Daltons (molecular weight) the better the bioavailability
  2. As Daltons decrease below 5,000 – taste can increase

This represents the Dalton Dance.

On every batch we are trying to find the best molecular weight where we get the highest bioavailability, without creating too much taste or smell… AKA The Dalton Dance.

As taste and smell can be subjective,
we control for the absolute best quality with as little taste and smell as possible.

Brand X Has No Smell or Taste, How Do They Do It?

A different set of priorities. If you prioritize zero taste and smell as your top priorities, you can then do things like…

  • Add various chemicals to remove smell and taste
  • Increase Daltons, reduce bioavailability and decrease taste
  • Add artificial flavors to mask the true taste of collagen

Just to be clear, these are things we would NEVER do with our Perfect Hydrolzyed Collagen.

What is The Proper Taste and Smell for Collagen?

A little meaty. Like very weak bone broth. Nothing.

It really does vary from person to person. Some will pickup a slight gelatin smell and taste. Others will find it has basically no taste or smell.

If you find the collagen has a smell or taste you don’t love, click here to read some tips on how to best use collagen.

So while we can’t give you the proper taste and smell for collagen, we can give you the proper lab results for pure collagen – and these are all listed on the Lab Tests tab here.

Why Does This Batch Taste A Little Different Than The Last Batch?

Because different cows were used :)

As we describe above, we have a process in place to keep the purity and quality consistent from batch to batch. As there can be slight differences in the cows, the taste and smell can fluctuate from batch to batch.

As is the case with any natural product, it is normal for there to be slight differences in taste and smell from batch to batch.

What if The Taste and Smell Is Making It Hard for Me to Take The Collagen?

We got you covered!

95% of our customers find our collagen virtually tasteless and odorless, which is awesome. For the remaining 5%, we totally love you and your taste buds as well.

We absolutely understand that the quality of the collagen doesn’t matter if you can’t get it down. Click here for our guide to using collagen – it has some great tips on how to easily and deliciously enjoy our collagen.

Sometimes just knowing the purity and quality of Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen makes it taste better :)