For Every Order Placed In April, We’ll Plant a Tree. Happy Earth Day 2017
Let’s Make the Planet More Green In April. For Every Order Placed, We’ll Plant a Tree. Helps Us Reach Our Goal of 1,500 Trees Planted!

April 22, 2017 is Earth Day.

A single day to celebrate our amazing planet?

No, this amazing planet of ours deserves more!

We need to celebrate for 720 hours or 43,200 minutes or 2,592,000 seconds or…

The Entire Month of April!

For Every Order Placed in April, We Will Plant One Tree

In conjunction with The Canopy Project we will plant a tree for every order placed in April. Here is why this project of planting trees is so important –

“Through the Canopy Project, Earth Day Network works on the ground with organizations worldwide that strengthen communities through tree planting. Using sapling and seed distribution, urban forestry, agroforestry, and tree care training, we have empowered rural and urban people alike to conserve, repair, and restore tree cover to their lands. This project has led to millions of trees being planted on six different continents. Considering the United Nations estimates that for every dollar spent on reforestation, $2.50 dollars is generated in local downstream income and benefits, that’s a huge impact.”

Will You Help Us Hit Our Goal of Planting 1,500 Trees in April?

Our Mission: To Promote Optimum Health For People & Our Planet
At Perfect Supplements, we understand that we have just one beautiful planet and protecting our planet is at the core of what we are all about ...

Earth Day 2017 is all about Environmental and Climate Literacy. We truly believe if you want people to protect and cherish everything our planet has to offer, you need to educate them on the dangers of things like deforestation and provide easy pathways to better the planet.

Join us today in our mission to promote optimum health for people and our planet …

Place An Order, We’ll Plant a Tree