Why Does Perfect Supplements Exist?

Why Does
Perfect Supplements

A totally fair question to ask!

With endless options to purchase supplements, why did we feel it necessary to give you another option and create Perfect Supplements in 2009?


The short answer...

Perfect Supplements Exists to Help Both You and The Planet Feel Better and Live Longer                                                    


The longer answer...

Perfect Supplements Exists To Solve Problems

Which products are all natural and made with no synthetic ingredients?

How are superfoods best absorbed by your body and which are the most nutrient dense?

What products are sustainable, fairly traded and ethically sourced?

Where do you turn if you have questions on health and wellness?

Who can provide lab assays and full transparency for the products you feed to your family?

When you’re frustrated and hit a wall, who will help you on your personal wellness journey?

Back in 2009, there were plenty of places to buy supplements and natural products, but I was frustrated by the lack of information, education, integrity and quality that existed in the marketplace.

Ten years later, there are even more choices for consumers…and more confusion and misinformation.

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Finding affordable organic ingredients, that are healthy for your family and the planet, can be a real challenge, so we invented a better solution. I’m Kristen and this is Perfect Supplements, the nutrient dense organic superfood company that saves you money while saving the planet.
Kristen Morelli, MS
Co-Founder, Certified Nutrition Practitioner


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