Sustainability Goals Met in 2020

Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Even though 2020 was a very challenging year on many levels, we knew that we still had to do our part to reverse climate change and move toward more sustainable packaging. In fact, the dire consequences that came from not taking swift and proactive action on the pandemic, make it even more clear that if we want to protect our planet, we need to take action now!

To keep us on track, we made three commitments (Packaging, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy) with the Climate Collaborative.

While there is so much more work to be done, we would like to briefly highlight the actions we took to meet our commitments for 2020…

Reduce the Climate Impact of Packaging

Moved MCT Oil from plastic bottles to glass bottles, eliminating the use of thousands of virgin plastic bottles.

Participated in numerous seminars and workshops to learn effective ways to reduce the impact of our packaging.

• LEAD On Climate Day 2020 
• Trends in Food and Beverage

Launched Perfect Multi-Organs exclusively in glass bottles, eliminating the use of thousands of virgin plastic bottles.

Donated $5,000 to 4Ocean to help pull 500 lbs of plastic from the ocean.

Eliminated the use of of all plastic bubble wrap in our shipping department.

Outreach to suppliers asking them not to use packaging peanuts when shipping goods to us.

Ordered a full Recycling and Waste Management audit on our facility by Recycling Works, MA. Report included specific ways to further reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment.

Created educational videos on fun ways to reuse our remaining plastic bottles.

Joined the Climate Collaborative to work toward new, innovative ways to reduce the impact of our packaging.

Purchased and put into use cardboard perforator machine. This allows us to reuse cardboard from incoming shipments and eliminate the need for plastic bubble wrap. Watch this quick video.

Diligently pursuing ongoing research to find ways to further improve our packaging in 2021 and beyond!

Increase Energy Efficiency

Optimized the heating system with new blowers and filters for our entire 17,000 sq foot office space, resulting in increased energy efficiency and less use of fossil fuel.

Replaced windows in office to increase energy efficiency.

Installed Split Heating and Cooling allowing us to only heat and cool the areas of the office in active use.

Replacement of 95%  of florescent bulbs throughout office space to LED bulbs and LED fixtures.

Ongoing audits and research to find ways to increase energy efficiency.

Commit to 100% Renewable Power

Signed onto letter calling on congress to support renewable tax credits.

Actively lobbied for Policy Change on Climate and a price on carbon by participating in the LEAD on Climate 2020 Advocacy Day.

Replaced asphalt and rubber roof with 30 year roofing (a necessary first step for solar).

Audit performed to determine viability of installing solar panels on the roof of our office and warehouse.

Ongoing audits, price quotes, and research to find ways to hit our goal of 100% Renewable power by 2025.


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