Sacha Inchi, What’s Your Story?

Maybe you’ve heard of sacha inchi, the“Incan Peanut” - it’s rich in iron, super high in protein, loaded with omega 3, 6, 9… but that’s not the story I want to tell today ( head over here to read more about the nutritional benefits of sacha inchi). Today I want to tell you the journey behind our…
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Perfectly Pure Plant Protein

As part of our  Perfectly Pure Certification, every single batch of finished Perfect Plant Protein, from this day forward, is independently 3rd party lab tested for Microbials. The specifications for our Perfect Plant Protein are: Your Lot # can be found on the bottom of the bottle.…
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Perfect Combo: PROTEIN and VITAMIN A

There is a unique relationship between Protein and Vitamin A. Animal studies from Furusho et al (1) have shown that Vitamin A reserves held within the liver are diminished when a high protein diet is eaten. Vitamin A is seen to increase in the rest of the body during this time. One theory as to…
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