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The All Natural, Dr Formulated, Food Based Cleanse That Has Helped Thousands Feel Their Best!

Written by: Erica LePore, ND

The 21 Day Detox Plan is an opportunity to jump start or reset your health. If you've forgotten what it's like to feel your best, this program will help you to feel well again.

If you already feel well, this program will help you to refocus and to reset your health goals. The 21 days are a pause in your eating routine that will elevate your awareness around how you nourish your body.

The Detox allows you to clean house on many levels. By taking a break from common food allergens and toxic, processed foods, you will begin to calm inflammation and clear the way for restored health. The 21 days of clean eating will raise your consciousness around food choices, and shift you toward choosing nutritious foods most of the time. This focus on clean, hypoallergenic foods will allow the most nutrient dense foods to fill your shopping cart, your plate, and your body.


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The 21 Day Detox Plan By Erica LePore

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